Tournament Orders

As if organizing a tournament wasn't already hard enough with getting registrations and booking fields, most tournaments come with a jersey as well. We can help make it much smoother!

Tournament Orders

As if organizing a tournament wasn't already hard enough with getting registrations and booking fields, most tournaments come with a jersey as well. We can help make it much smoother!

Why should you provide jerseys for your tournament?​

There are plenty of good reasons, but the biggest of them all is that in order to grow your event, people have to know about it. Marketing is a huge component of any successful event or business. Of course there’s going to be some word of mouth about the awesome time people will have, but having your logo displayed on a piece of clothing helps advertise your event throughout the year, especially if you make it colorful and memorable. As people wear their jerseys around town or at various pickup games, more potential players will learn about your event and it will be even more successful  in the future.

But what about my concerns?

You have enough to worry about already so let’s address some of the concerns you may have.

With our quick turnaround, you can keep the registration open longer so you won’t have to worry about losing players to procrastination. And you know how much players like to procrastinate.

Nope. You can customize to your hearts delight. Full color designs are the same low price as single color ones so you can stop counting colors or limiting your designer to only 1 color to save money.

While we can’t do a full design for you, but we do have a number of tools to help.  Your designs don’t have to be super fancy either. Something as simple as adding player names and numbers means the participants are far more likely to keep this jersey in their regular rotation. We can add also add flair like foil or glitter accents to make your jersey stand out.

Custom jerseys aren’t just another piece of clothing that you get at the store, these are mementos to remind people of the great time they had. This just happens to be a memento that can be used over and over again so instead of giving out lanyards or buttons, people will keep using these jerseys year-round and remember the fun they had while waiting to sign up again.

Sure you can, but what kind of identity do you want your event to have? Looking out on a field of rainbows is far more attractive than seeing a pile of skittles spread around. Having fixed colors for the teams gives everyone a team identity. While uncoordinated jerseys work for pickup, ask yourself if you want your event to feel like another pickup game or something more special. We have 25 colors to choose from and they’re all unique enough that no 2 teams will have to worry about whether they brought an extra light or dark. Plus, there’s always that one person who wears a grey or light blue jersey. You know who I’m talking about.


It does increase the cost a little, but it also adds a huge value to the tournament. Without offering value, there’s far less incentive for people to pay money for something they can do for free at a casual pickup game. This ensures that the tournament can remain profitable and sustain itself for future years. Some teams even get the cost subsidized by sponsors and we have no problem adding their logo along with your design. 

Okay, I'm convinced, how much do these cost?

We have options as low at $10 per jersey. That’s not for some cheap cotton shirt with a single color either. This is for a full color design on a premium dri-fit jersey. Send us a message here and we’ll work within your budget to get some great options for your event.

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