Pokemon Face Mask - Any Character - White 3D (Fitted) in 3 Sizes: XS Kids, Kids, Adult



Sure you can find a Pikachu on Etsy, but how about a Butterfree or a Sandshrew?! Now, you can now add your favorite Pokemon to your face mask, no matter which one it is. Just let me know what Pokemon you’d like to add and I’ll print it on a soft, breathable, washable face mask.

These masks are polyester on the outside and a cotton blend on the inside. Choose your size and let me know what character you want in the Personalize section. Catch them all or pick your favorite one and have take it with you when you go out.

I print the designs based on the character images in the Pokedex. If you need something different or have another design in mind, please message me first. If you need one or the other, please message me first.

If you like a different style mask, message me since chances are good I have one hiding somewhere.

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