All About Jersey Making

There are only a few ways that jerseys are decorated. Here’s a short explanation about each of them.

lightspeed magic

Images are printed using a special high resolution, full-color technology. While the prints are pretty soft, we’re able to use a special technique to remove very tiny lines or dots of ink to make the jersey feel even softer and make sure the design more durable. With this technique, the image may lose a little vibrancy, but we think it’s totally worthwhile to make the jersey feel as soft as a unicorn’s mane while adding breathability for the best athletic performance.



Turnaround time is less than a week. Usually, we get your jersey shipped in 1-3 business days.


No minimums. Order 1 or 1,000


Full color printing. No need to count colors or limit your creativity


Simple, low-cost pricing. Single-sided jersey is $30 and double-sided is $35 with free standard shipping and free full color designs.

Need to print on something else besides a jersey? We can print on almost anything and have a catalogue of thousands of items so just let us know what you need and we can probably help.


Ink is turned directly from a solid into a gas using high heat and is absorbed by the fibers of the apparel.



Vibrant and unlimited colors since the ink is printed in CMYK and infused directly into the fabric


Ink is infused into the fabric so you won't even feel it


The image lasts as long as the jersey



Full color jerseys require expensive technology and specialized labor to print, cut, and sew the jersey so they're typically more expensive


Given the labor-intensive setup, we have a minimum of 8 items.

Longer Turnaround

The standard production time is 10 business days. We can do these in as little as 5 business days as a rush order for a small fee.

Screen Printing

Ink is pushed through a silk screen with a design on it. Only the clear parts of the screen let the ink through. The ink sits on top of the fabric where it’s heated and set in place permanently.



You can get cheap prints since they don't require expensive equipment to make


Vibrant colors since the ink is printed on top of the fabric


The process can be repeated quickly making large quantities easy to produce.


Price Scaling

Each color is printed separately so more colors costs more $$$ and the prices add up quickly


Large prints feel heavy and don't breathe well


Each color requires labor-intensive setup so so companies usually have minimum orders of 12+

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