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Our Custom Jersey vs Competitors

There are a ton of custom jersey providers in the marketplace today. As the technology gets better and cheaper, even more are going to enter as well. We think that we created a great product that’s unique and offers some benefits over others, but there’s really no way of knowing that without checking out the competition.

Since we have multiple competitors, you can expect to see this article expand as we test their merchandise. If you’ve already read some of our other articles, you know that there are only a few printing types that work with athletic materials. With that in mind, we won’t need to test the same print type again and again in many instances, but can just add the competitor’s name to print type list. 

If you’re curious about what technology a company is using that’s not listed here, go ahead and ask them. If they don’t tell you, then be careful about buying from them. Also, feel free to submit any findings you have with us using our Contact Form and we’ll send you a coupon off your next order as a Thank You!

Competitor Print Options

If you’ve read some of the other posts on here, you know that there are a limited number of ways to put your design on athletic shirts. Here’s the quick refresher of the options:
  1. Screenprint – great for large orders but not cost effective for small ones. Usually charges for setup and per color.
  2. Sublimation – highest quality printing, but can only be done on white fabric. That means that a company has to print the fabric before cutting the shirt out and sewing it together if you want anything other than a white jersey. Usually more expensive and requires minimum orders.
  3. Transfers – the design is printed on a substrate, usually vinyl, which is then applied to the garment with high heat. It allows full color designs with no minimums, but depending on the transfer, can create a final product that feels terrible. 

Logo Sportswear Custom Jersey Review

When we came across the company Logo Sportswear, it seemed too good to be true. They offer a full color design on a jersey for only $24.99. When we started building the jersey, a couple red flags popped up:
  1. When choosing a jersey color other than white, there’s a $6 “Dark Upcharge”.
  2. Their delivery fee is $9.99 for a single jersey. Standard shipping for a single jersey should never be more than $5 base unless you’re getting rush shipping.


We ordered one (1) black custom jersey with a full color designed on both sides.

Logo Sportswear Jersey

a custom jersey comparison - logo sportswear jersey

Lightspeed Jersey

The jersey on the left is what we ordered and the one on the right is one we made using our system to compare.

Logo Sportswear Pricing

The price breakdown was as follows:

    • Base Price: $24.99
    • Dark Jersey Fee: $6
    • Back Print: $3.95
    • Delivery Charges: $9.99
    • Taxes: $4.10
    • Total: $47.28


We placed the order on March 3rd and received the jersey on March 18th.
Waiting time of 15 days


Lightspeed Pricing

The price breakdown was as follows:

    • Base Price: $30.00
    • Back Print: $5.00
    • Delivery Charges: FREE
    • Taxes: $4.00 (if in California)
    • Total: $39.00
Savings: $3.28


Our jerseys are printed in 1-2 days and shipped First Class so most people get their jerseys in only 2-5 days.
Waiting time of 4 days average



Of course, it doesn’t matter as much if their jersey is higher quality, but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The method they used to print the jersey was print and cut vinyl, meaning they printed a full color design on a thin layer of plastic then applied that plastic to the jersey. 

Logo Sportswear Print Up Close

Lightspeed Print Up Close

custom jersey comparison

You can see in the pictures below that while the colors of the design came out great, the design is essentially a huge sticker stuck to the jersey so the feeling was terrible. It doesn’t breathe or stretch. When you look at the one we made to compare, you can see that we only printed the design and not a border around it. We also put extremely small lines in the design so that it can breathe with the fabric and feels much lighter.

Texture of Logo Sportswear Jersey

Texture of Lightspeed Jersey

You can see that the fabric on the Logo Sportswear shirt stands straight up when bent and holds its shape while the fabric with the Lightspeed printing takes the shape of the fabric so it’s much softer. The color is a little less vibrant on the Lightspeed jersey, but it feels a million times better.

Final Thoughts

While I was initially excited to find another company that could print a single custom jersey with full color and reasonable prices, I quickly discovered that it didn’t meet my expectations for the following reasons:
  • Price was higher
  • It took 3x as long to get the jersey after ordering
  • The print looked good, but felt terrible
Stay tuned for more custom jersey comparisons!
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