How To Use The Design Editor

Getting Started

Opening the Design Editor

The design editor can be opened by either clicking on the designer button on the homepage or by clicking the Customize button in one of the products you’re viewing:

Picking Products


You can change your product by clicking the Change Product button in the top left and choosing a different item in the popup.


You can choose from the product colors here. You may need to scroll down to see all the color options depending on the device you’re using.


Choose your product size under tho color option. Depending on your device, you may need to scroll down to see this.


Choose the number of this specific item that you would like. If you would like multiple colors of the same design, you will need to add them to the cart separately after making changes. If you would like multiple sizes of the same design and color, you can either add them individually here, use the Team Jersey option when you’re choosing a product (changing products may reset the product color, but will keep all the designs as-is), or use our Contact link in the top right of the home page to send us details.

Print Type

Some items or colors have multiple print types. If more than one are available, you can choose between them. For more information, click the Details link under the title.


Changing Views

Our jerseys have two sides to print, both of which can fit an 11″ x 16″ design. Change which side you’re looking at with the arrow keys on the right.


Each design element, whether an image, text, clipart, or shape is created on its own layer. If you’ve used Photoshop before, you might be familiar with this. When you add an element to the designer, it automatically creates a layer. By clicking the Layers tab on the left, all the layers will be listed. You may click on the text and rename each layer to make it easier to identify. Layers can be moved by clicking and dragging them. They can be hidden so they won’t be visible on the mockup. They can be locked if you need to edit something without potentially effecting a chosen layer. And they can be deleted if you no longer need the layer.

Adding Images

Upload Images

You can add your own logos or images by uploading them here. Click in the box or drag your image from your computer to the box. Lightspeed stores a copy of your images for easy retrieval as long as you’re logged in, but we recommend keeping a copy of your personal designs on your computer for safe keeping as well.

Free Images Online

We have several free image resources to use: Pixabay, Unsplash, and Burst. Search for images using the search bar and click on them to add them to your design.


There are a number of tools built into the designer to help you clean up and edit images that you either upload or find through our Free Image resources. This menu will appear when the image is selected in the designer.


This cuts the image size down while keep the shape rectangular. Click the Crop button in the toolbar.

A popup appears with your selected image.

The image will be cropped with the exact position you put into the viewer. You can drag from the top, bottom, either side, or the corner to resize the image.

There are some tweaks to make your image align better such as:

  • Center: move selection to center of image
  • Horizontal center: move selection align to horizontal center
  • Vertical Center: move selection top align to middle
  • Square: make selection square

After selecting the area you want, press the Save button to show the results on the jersey.


Mask removes part of the image based on a custom shape instead of using a rectangle like in the Crop function. Think of it as adding masking tape to any parts of the image except the shape or text that you choose. That’s actually where this function got its name since that’s how photographers did this before digital editing tools like photoshop.

Steps to use:

  1. Add the image you’d like in the design
  2. Add the text or shape you want to cut out from the previous image.
  3. With the image selected that you’d like to mask, click the Mask button and choose the text/shape from the popup that you’d like to use to mask the image.

This effect can be used to cut out the foreground or the background.

Background Removal

You can remove a dark or light background from an image. This is best for when the background is a different color than the image you’re trying to show. The tool is especially useful for jpg or jpeg images with a white background that you don’t want to appear on a different color shirt.


There are 20+ effects to use on images. You can also edit the brightness, saturation, or contrast.


Simple or Fancy

To add text to your design, choose the text menu from the right to get started. The upper half shows fancy text styles you can use while the bottom part lists various fonts. You are able to edit the effect and the font at any time.


After picking your font and having it added to your design, you can change the text, font, or styles at any time using the text tools.


You can change the Colors or Shape of the text you add.




By clicking on the Cliparts tab, you can browse our selection of basic images to add to your design. These images are vector based so you can change the color of each part of the image or the image as a whole. You can also use the image with the Mask function (see above)


Templates are combinations of images, text, and shapes that we’ve already put together to make designing easier. After choosing the template, you can click on any individual design element to edit it. You can change texts, colors, sizes, etc.
If you’d like to keep multiple elements together, drag a selector box over all the elements you’d like to select and click the Group Objects button in the top left corner or the preview window.  You can also select elements one at a time and holding down the Shift key or by using Ctrl+A to select all the elements currently visible in the design.


Just like Cliparts, shapes are vector based items that you can chance the color of or use with the Mask function.

Saving, Sharing, and Buying


If you’d like to save your design for later, go to the Designs dropdown at the top menu bar in the page and click “Create new design.” From there, you can give your design a name and save it for later.

You must be logged in to save your design. If you don’t already have an account, click on Register to create a new one. A popup will appear or a new tab will open depending on your browser so you won’t lose the design you’re working on.

*Note: while we try to keep all the designs as long as we can, we can’t guarantee to storage of these designs forever so if you need a backup copy, please use the contact button to email us and we’ll try to help you out.


So you just created the jersey of your dreams and you’d like to show the world! Or, maybe you just want you teammates to each buy their own so you don’t have to worry about collecting money and keeping track of sizes, names, or numbers. Use the Share option in the menu at the top to name your design and create a custom link to access it.

You can post the link directly to Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Or, you can click the link to copy it and send it however you like. When someone else clicks on that link, it will open the designer with your image loaded.

***Important: the Sharing function doesn’t save the jersey information like color or size so that will need to be selected that after loading the design.***


Use the Add to Cart button in the top right to finalize your design and put it in your shopping cart. You can go back to editing, create another jersey from scratch, or go to the checkout to purchase your jersey.

If you decide to go back to the editor and make any changes, the new design will be added as a separate product in your cart. For instance, if you’d like two different sizes with the same design, after adding the first jersey to your cart close the popup, change the size, and add the new version. Both sizes with the same design will now appear in your cart.

If at any time before buying you need to make a change to an existing design, you can go into your cart and hit the “Edit” link to reopen your item to make changes.

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