How Do We Compare?

There are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of shirt and jersey companies out there. What makes us any different from the rest? Well, besides having a more colorful logo, we are the best choice for getting a custom jersey fast without having to compromise designs, timing, or prices!

Lightspeed Printing

We make it simple to get what you want with less hoops to jump through.

  • Straightforward and upfront pricing so you don’t need to search for costs or request quotes
  • No minimum order sizes – ordering a single jersey is no problem!
  • Fast turnaround – we usually print in just 1-3 days so you get your jersey faster!
  • No compromising on colors – Other manufacturers count colors and charge more; we allow unlimited color designs for the same price
  • Free Online Designer – you may not be a photoshop expert and can still create a kick-ass design with our simple to use tool! Save your design to work on later or share it with friends easily.


  • Straightforward and upfront pricing so you don’t need to search for costs or request quotes
  • Low Minimum Order Size – only 10 pieces needed in the initial order with the ability to re-order a single piece later
  • Fast Turnaround – we usually print in just 2 weeks, almost half the time of our competitors!
  • Custom Design Help
  • Cut-sew Sublimation for most items for the highest quality products

A Note on Manufacturing: 

Our printed jersey supply chain is monitored by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to ensure ethical treatment of workers and our sublimation jerseys are manufactured in the US and Haiti (for larger orders). One thing to be on the lookout for is foreign manufacturing. Many of the printing companies outsource to the Philippines or China to save costs. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it’s good to know where your gear comes from and that it’s created in an ethical way.  Foreign manufacturing also means longer turnaround, especially if the manufacturer only ships directly to the distributor who then repackages the shirts to ship to the customer. 

Important Notice

Due to Covid, some colors and sizes have limited availability. If your item isn’t available, you will be notified before printing and given the option to cancel or substitute the item if the item is out of stock. Please contact us at info@lightspeedjerseys.com if you have questions.

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