Fundraising the Fun Way

Now you can use our resources to help fundraise for your group or cause. You can raise money for your organization by setting up a shop with Lightspeed.

What's a standard fundraising plan?

The typical fundraiser goes something like this:

  1. Buy a bunch of goods (candy, knick knacks, wrapping paper, accessories with your logo , etc.).
  2. Try to sell as many of these as you can.
  3. Hopefully make more money than the cost of the goods.

What are the problems with the standard method?

The standard fundraising method can work great, but too often it fails for a few reasons:

  1. It requires large up-front costs to buy the merchandise in the first place
  2. There are limited opportunities to market or sell the items, especially since in-person events are much rarer nowadays
  3. Not enough items are sold so the cost was higher than the money earned
  4. It’s difficult to distribute goods and requires someone to manage the inventory, package items when they’re sold, and ship them to each person that buys.

Our Solution

Let us do the work for you. All you have to do is provide a logo, pick some items from our huge catalog of available merchandise, and let us know how much profit you’d like per sale.

We’ll create a custom store for you that comes with all the links you’ll need to share on social media or by email. Whenever someone buys an item from your store, we’ll print it, ship it, and deposit your profits in an account for you to withdraw anytime you want.


We can set your store to have a deadline or keep it open as long as you want. We’ll work with you to figure out the best timeline.

We’ll help you create something that you’ll be proud to display. With our free online designer, we can help you design a logo or image in full color to print on almost anything you want.

The biggest difference is that we can cater to athletes. While there are a million shops that can print on cotton shirts, our technology allows us to make custom athletic apparel and goods.

If you’re a personal trainer trying to create a brand or earning money for a fun run, we cater to you with the highest quality athletic shirts and gear.

We also print everything in the USA so you don’t have to wait for items to be shipped from China.


Okay, I'm convinced, how much does this cost?

We have hundreds of items that we can print on Send us a message here and we’ll work within your budget to get some great options for your fundraiser.

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